Professional Development

The Alaska Writing Project offers four types of professional development: inservice programs, open institutes, invitational institutes, and advanced institutes. Specific programs and institutes are developed and offered based on interest and capacity.

Inservice Programs

AWP can work with individual schools or districts to design and deliver a custom inservice professional development based on needs and interests.

Open Institutes

Open Institutes are professional development opportunities for educators that are open to everyone and focus on educators as writers, researchers, and leaders as well as research-based literacy practices.We are currently in the process of developing new Open Institutes; more information will be available shortly.

Invitational Institutes

Invitational Institutes are professional development opportunities in which participation is determined through an application process. Our next Invitational Summer Institute will take place in the summer of 2017; learn more about the 2017 AWP Inivitational Summer Institute.

Advanced Institutes

Advanced Institutes are designed for AWP Teacher Consultants (TCs) who have successfully completed an Invitational Summer Institute and are actively involved with AWP. Advanced Institutes typically focus on teacher inquiry projects.