Coffee + Writing 4/14

‘Pocket Poems’


A stranger’s drawing of co-director Adam Mackie at a poetry reading last month.

April is National Poetry Month, but you don’t have to consider yourself a poet to appreciate and utilize this prompt; “pocket poems” are short poems intended to be carried with you and shared with others, whether that means spontaneously reading it aloud to a group of people, wordlessly handing it to a passerby, or leaving it on a coffee table for someone to find. Or, maybe, you can envision a character of your own making doing such a thing, and what impact it would have on the story. Nonfiction writers might even describe a time where they were the recipient or witness of some small but inspirational act; consider, what effect did that occurrence have on the people involved?

As always, the sky’s the limit (figuratively speaking, of course, since we welcome stories that are “out of this world”)!

Join us Saturday, April 14th, at the downtown Kaladi Brother’s Cafe for coffee and writing centered on this topic from 10 a.m. to noon. Bring a laptop, pen and paper, or both — whatever is most conducive to your writing process.

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