YWP Mat-Su: Wrap up

This is what it looks like to meet your goal on the Young Writers Program website: trophy confetti!

Just like that, National Novel Writing Month is over.

Or is it?

Well, we can’t win any more virtual badges or anything for another 11 months, but we can keep writing, and we will.

This month taught me a lot about writing, motivation and pre-teens, and I hope everyone reading these posts gets to experience growth in those three areas as well. We have a lot to learn from ourselves and our young writers (including how to satiate their desire for feedback without putting too much on our own plates — still working on that one, personally).

At our last meeting (Wednesday, 11/29), the students and I had the opportunity to be interviewed by a former Frontiersman colleague and classmate of mine, Jacob Mann, who called me out of the blue last Tuesday (11/28) to see if he could write an article about our group. It was really fun to watch and listen to “my kids” talk about their stories and provide some really insightful comments that I wish could’ve made it into the news article, which you can read here.

We have a party planned for this coming Wednesday, Dec. 6, where we plan to eat, drink (soda), read our work and be merry. I myself did not meet my original goal(s) of 20,000 words (and before that 30 & 40k), but I did make it 50 percent of the way, churning out 3,550 of my final 10,485 words for the month on the last day. Hooray for procrastination and a deadline!

If you or your students participate in the Young Writers Program version of NaNoWriMo this year, you can get a discount on publishing through blurb.com (learning the ins and outs of that platform are next on my writerly to-do list).

Looking forward to the “now what?” months,


P.S. Our group wrote a total of 132,092 words together this November (76 percent of our 172,610-word goal)!